BioBubbler – biological aeration treatment system

BioBubbler – biological aeration treatment system



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The NEW BioBubbler from EBtech changes the game for grease trap maintenance of point-of-use, internal interceptors. Combining micro bubble aeration along with an active microbial FOG formula for fats, oil, and grease; the BioBubbler accelerates grease breakdown and counteracts odors, dramatically.

BioBubbler creates the first onsite biological treatment system that is affordable and simple to install, operate, and replenish. The BioDoser housing includes an air pump which connects to (2) fine bubble diffusers injecting even aeration into the wastewater. The air pump is timer activated and completely hands free for the user. The biological FOG treatment is automatic and programmed for a 28-day refill cycle. The bio-in-box dispensing with simple quick connect fittings makes refill replacement a snap. And, since the bio-fluid is concentrated and comes in recyclable packaging, the BioBubbler is a sensible, eco-friendly choice that is easily shipped to your door and able to be stored with dry goods.

BioBubbler can extend grease interceptor cleaning, improve waste water effluent, and help meet local pretreatment codes. Also, works great in lift stations or injector pits too. For best results, combine ScrapTrapper solids interceptor with BioBubbler to create a complete grease management system.

Keep your kitchen flowing with BioBubbler.



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