BioDoser Rack – biological drain dosing system | 2.5-gal F-Style Jug

BioDoser automatic dosing


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The NEW BioDoser Rack from EBtech makes biological drain treatment easy. Using traditional f-style, 2.5-gal jug dispensing of FOG formula for fats, oil, and grease or SGR treatment for sugars, soda, and beverage lines; the BioDoser Rack allows for simple self-service and no technician required. Saves time, space and money and avoids expensive service contracts. BioDoser delivers high count microbial treatments consistently and safely using handy quick connect fittings that make refill changes a snap. And, since the bio-fluid is high count concentrated and comes 2-jugs per case, BioDoser is  sensible, eco-friendly and easily shipped to your door.

Keep your kitchen flowing with BioDoser

BioDoser automatic dosing


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