EarthBio SoilStim – Probiotic Soil Stimulant, 32 oz. 10X Conc.

SoilStim Probiotic Soil Stimulant, 32 oz. Concentrate

SoilStim delivers increased ROOT & shoot weight, improved fruit & tuber quality, greater YIELDS, pathogen suppression AND drought tolerance.

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BUY (3) or more for 15% SAVINGS


Sustainable agricultural practices are widely accepted as an alternative to the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

SolStim’s microbes cycle the nutrients found in the soil and solubilize minerals, making them more available for the plant. The microbes colonize the plant, suppress pathogens, and feed the plant, all while promoting its growth. By incorporating multiple strains with complimentary activities, EarthBio has built all of these attributes into a single product formulated for plant health promotion…SoilStim.


  • INCREASES the overall root mass and shoot weight
  • IMPROVES fruit and tuber quality to produce greater yields
  • REDUCES foliar disease with plant-mediated defense responses
  • INHIBITS the progressive growth of pathogenic fungi with microbes
  • STIMULATES nutrient uptake and the release of major macronutrients

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