EnozoPRO – Sanitizing Sprayer w/ Aqueous Ozone Technology

EnozoPRO – Aqueous Ozone Sanitizing Sprayer

EnozoPRO is the new environmentally-friendly way to sanitize, clean AND Deodorize all-in-one device. The revolutionary technology generates organic ozone from ordinary tap water creating a powerful oxidant that is 3000 times faster and 10X stronger than chlorine bleach.

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EnozoPRO transforms ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone, a powerful oxidizing sanitizer that cleans and deodorizes too. The organic ozone technology kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, virus, mold and fungi. Leaving no toxic or chemical residue, EnozoPRO is both food surface safe & food contact safe. Certified by USDA & FDA for food safety and EPA registered, EnozoPRO is a revolutionary device for the commercial food service & hospitality industry.

RETHINK sanitizing surfaces & cleaning with EnozoPRO