ScrapTrapper – Food Solids Separator

ScrapTrapper – Food Solids Separator
ScrapTrapper solids separator is the missing link from the sink.

It captures scrap waste before it causes problems. The ultimate preventive tool.

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The ScrapTrapper solids separator captures scrap waste before it causes problems down line. ScrapTrapper helps avoid drain backups, reduce grease trap loading, and to prevent the untimely service call. ScrapTrapper is an economical, effective solution that is ideal for use at pre-rinse sink areas.

ScrapTrapper prevents food solids from overloading in the grease trap. As a result, the grease trap can perform its primary function…to trap grease. In addition, the grease trap has “freed up” capacity which can translate to extended cleaning frequency and substantial savings for the operator (check with local pretreatment coordinators & grease trap cleaning codes).

As a general rule, limiting solids to the grease trap is a beneficial practice and can lower measurable items like BOD (biological oxygen demand), TSS (total suspended solids), and even FOG in the effluent from a food service establishment (FSE). The addition of a ScrapTrapper(s) to commercial kitchen operations can help meet local pretreatment wastewater requirements and, in some cases, reduce testing levels and fines. In all, cleaner wastewater is environmentally more responsible and, with ScrapTrapper, can also have economic benefits as well.

Keep your drain system flowing with ScrapTrapper



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