SANOfast, Mini-Fogger Sprayer, rechargeable

SANOfast, Mini-Fogger Sprayer, Plug-in rechargeable

SANOfast is a simple-to-use mini fogging electric sprayer. Rechargeable with 300ml reservoir, the SANOfast sprays up to 8-feet of misting coverage. It can be used to sanitize spray small to large rooms, offices, athletic spaces, classrooms and much more. SANOfast makes hygiene protection a SNAP.


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SANOfast is a simple-to-use mini fogging electric sprayer. It is the best small fogger for ease of use, total coverage and durability. Great for surface sanitizing and perfect with our HOCL hygiene system with SANOpak. The SANOfast hygiene sprayer is rechargeable with a plug-in cord and helps reduce plastic bottle waste. The mini-fogger is simple to fill, operate and small space storage. It has a 300ml reservoir which allows for superior spraying coverage. Working time up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

This Mini-Fogger is convenient and fastit’s SANOfast.


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