SANOmist – Hand Hygiene System with HOCL

SANOmist – Hand Hygiene System KIT with HOCL, 3oz

SANOmist motion activated misting dispenser produces a less toxic but powerful green cleaning technology called HOCL. SANOmist comes as a system that includes: (1) rechargeable mist dispenser (5) effervescent tablets, (1) 12oz mixing/filling bottle with flip top, (1) USB charging cord and (1) SANOmist mini pocket sprayer.

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INTRODUCING SANOmist, a non-toxic alcohol-free misting hygiene system geared to prevent virus & pathogen transfer from hands, keys, credit cards, pet paws and more.

The easy-to-use SANOmist dispenses “hands-free” a sustainable liquid solution called HOCL (hypochlorous acid). Widely known as nature’s germ fighter, this versatile virucidal cleaner is commonly used in hospitals and commercial settings alike as a fast-acting surface sanitizer & reliable broad spectrum disinfectant.

Safe to the skin and non-drying, SANOmist refills with a solid tablet system that readily dissolves in water. Simply adding tap water, the tablet produces an effectively neutral hygiene cleaning solution. No plastic bottle waste, no bulky storage & no hassle. Environmentally forward packaging, product and process.

 RETHINK hand hygiene with SANOmist


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