ScrapBlocker Sink Strainer, Small 14″x11″

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ScrapBlocker Sink Strainer, Small 14″x11″


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ScrapBlocker Solids Sink Strainer Basket, poly 14″L x 11″W x 2.75″H

Small poly strainer prevents debris, solids, and scraps from clogging in commercial bar sink drains. The durable basket catches big and small debris like bottle caps, garnish, stirrers & straws for easy removal and proper disposal. With larger flow openings on sides and fine mesh 1/8″ holes on the bottom panel, ScrapBlocker bar strainer can also prevent items like broken glass debris from entering the drain which prevents injury and backups. Fits many small bar sinks 14″ x 10″. Used in combination with a drain lock at the floor drain, the bar sink strainer helps prevent emergency calls and saves time during bar operation and then with closing clean up.

Keep your BAR drains flowing with ScrapBlocker.

1 review for ScrapBlocker Sink Strainer, Small 14″x11″

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