ScrapTrapper MICRO – HOME & Fine Solids Separator

ScrapTrapper MICROHOME & Fine Solids Separator
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The ScrapTrapper MICRO, home & fine solids separator, captures small food scrap waste to prevent blockages in the drain line. Designed for tight spaces beneath food service sinks and fine straining needs, ScrapTrapper MICRO is a superior way to capture fine particle solids like coffee grinds, rice, or seeds before they can cause buildup and backups. Using 304 stainless mesh strainer insert, ScrapTrapper MICRO is a low cost effective solution for limited space areas like bar sinks, coffee stations (grinds), beverage bars, smoothie stations and garbage disposal replacement. The compact dimensions (7″ H x 11.5″ W x 12″ D) allows ScrapTrapper MICRO to hang beneath the sink and free up valuable floor space. It is also a great helper to capture wastes for organics pick up and compost collection.


In commercial kitchens, the food solids prevented using ScrapTrapper MICRO no longer pile up in the grease trap or build up in the drain line. As a result, the grease trap works more efficiently and the drain line stays clear of debris and reduced corrosion. With reduced solids, the grease trap is less burdened and cleaning frequency may be extended for savings (check with local pretreatment ordinance and code). Fundamentally, cleaner wastewater is better for the environment and can also be better for the bottom line.


ScrapTrapper MICRO is compact for residential home applications. It is an ideal kitchen component in homes with municipalities that have curbside organics pick up for compost recycling. The ScrapTrapper MICRO at home is the easy collection point from plate to compost bin! Hooking up directly beneath your home kitchen sink, the food waste can flow freely with rinsing water into ScrapTrapper where it is collected, strained and made less messy to handle. In a single motion, the stainless collection drawer allows for a simple transfer of the food scrap to the compost recycling bin. ScrapTrapper MICRO saves time, effort, and improves the home organics recycling process. A genuine win-win.

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scraptrapper residential



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