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As professionals specialized in sanitizing services for the food service industry, we know that your commercial kitchen needs to operate at maximum efficiency. Issues such as clogged drains will cause delays in cleaning dishes and delivering orders. This is why you need to hire specialists in professional drain cleaning for commercial facilities.

What do we do differently from other drain cleaning services companies? We believe in preventive maintenance and providing you with solutions and products that help you maintain your kitchen clean and sanitized. We also believe that cleaning need not involve polluting harsh chemicals.

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Commercial Grade

Biological Aeration System

All commercial food service kitchens, like in a restaurant, create residual grease that flow through the drain system and collects in a grease trap. Earth Bio Technologies is a specialist in biological methods for drain cleaning but also has the best tools to prevent drain backups do to solids.

How We Tackle Professional Drain Cleaning Our drain cleaning service aim to:

  • Maintain your drains free of build-up and running smoothly
  • Protect pipes and kitchen equipment by using substances that do not contain chemicals
  • Help your company become more environmentally friendly by reducing polluting wastes

This philosophy is paired with our commitment to provide you with cleaning solutions that allow you to meet the highest standards required in your industry.

Why Eco-Friendly Professional Drain Cleaning?

Our team firmly believes that professional cleaning must also be clean for the environment. Our products are carefully formulated to ensure efficient removal of dirt and microbes, and they are also biodegradable. This is what makes our professional drain cleaning services special – we do not transfer the problem of waste from your kitchen into the environment.

Your Trusted Specialists in Drain Cleaning in Philadelphia

At Earth Bio Technologies, we spend time researching modern and efficient cleaning and sanitizing solutions for the food service industry. We provide preventive maintenance products for every type of cleaning operation in a commercial kitchen, from professional drain cleaning to biological treatment and food waste solutions.

Our eco-friendly drain cleaning services are available to commercial clients operating in the extended Philadelphia, PA area, so contact us: 888-855-1925!

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Earth Bio Technologies provides preventive maintenance solutions to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease traps/interceptors, lift stations, and food waste bio-digesters.