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Earth Bio Technologies is a company that specializes in biological drain cleaners, grease trap services, food solids strainers, food solids separators, kitchen sink locking strainers, and all types of commercial drain cleaning equipment. Our company clients range across any type of commercial food service operation; from restaurants to company office parks, industrial kitchens in food processing to institutional kitchens in colleges, schools and universities.

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Biological Aeration System

All commercial food service kitchens, like in a restaurant, create residual grease that flow through the drain system and collects in a grease trap. Earth Bio Technologies is a specialist in biological methods for drain cleaning but also has the best tools to prevent drain backups do to solids.

Grease Trap Services Industry

This last item is the best new entry into the long-standing grease trap services industry. The innovative approach to implement aeration with microbial treatment for fats, oil & grease is a breakthrough for food service facility managers. As a company, Earth Bio Technologies is always searching for new methods to be the best at drain system prevention to improve operations for the commercial restaurant operator. It is a company goal to continue to create proprietary products & designs that deliver the best service solutions in the food industry.

Our proprietary designs include: ScrapTrapper food solids separator, ScrapBlocker drain solids safeguards, ScrapCatcher sink strainer solids safeguard,  TrapBALL grease trap odor control & pH neutralizer, BioBasket & BioBALL slow-dissolve biological drain treatment, FOGfighter biological drain & grease trap remediation treatment, SNAKEfighter biological drain treatment for sugar build up in beverage & soda lines, LiFTstation biological lift station remediation treatment, LiFTstationAIR biological aeration treatment system and the soon-to-be-released FOGalert grease trap capacity monitoring. FOGalert is a wireless monitoring device that will seamlessly check the content capacity of the grease trap at a commercial food service establishment and transmit the data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the cloud to access for optimum service scheduling. It is a revolutionary technology that changes the game for best management practices for commercial restaurants or other food service facilities across the industry.

Of all the companies that these new products & services can benefit, the multi-unit food service operator will reap the greatest return via expense reduction but also through elimination of 3rd-party management companies that will no longer be needed with access to better management data, directly. As an industry, food service has been innovative inside the commercial kitchen. Now, the waste stream management of residuals produced from food preparation, processing & cleaning is coming of age with technology, biology and data metrics. Earth Bio Technologies is the best company to lead the way for its clients to take full advantage of this innovation and improve their market position. Contact us for any questions you may have about our drain cleaners and restaurant trap cleaning.

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Earth Bio Technologies provides preventive maintenance solutions to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease traps/interceptors, lift stations, and food waste bio-digesters.