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Spotless Clean and Eco-Friendly: Professional Cleaning Supplies in Philadelphia, PA

Every business must maintain its facilities clean and sanitized, but for commercial food service companies, there are specific regulations in place. High-performance professional cleaning supplies should be on your list of top regular purchases. At Earth Bio Technologies, we believe that keeping your commercial kitchen clean should be:

  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-friendly

To this end, we developed a complete range of commercial kitchen cleaning products, ranging from sanitizing and disinfecting materials to scrap waste solutions. 

Benefits of Using Professional Facility Maintenance Solutions

You have been using other brands of professional cleaning supplies so far. Most of them contain chemicals in high concentrations. Although they are effective in killing germs and removing dirt, they are also:

  • Irritant for your employees’ hands and/or eyes
  • Corrosive for sensitive surfaces and kitchen appliances
  • Causing wall paint to fade and/or become discolored
  • Polluting for the environment

Our kitchen cleaning products are developed with the environment in mind. We believe that professional cleaning supplies can be effective without containing dangerous chemicals. At the same time, we understand that, as a commercial food facility, you need to comply with strict protocols in terms of:

  • Maintaining your premises clean and sanitized
  • Separate waste collection
  • Safe disposal of food scraps

Our Approach: Preventive Maintenance Through Effective Kitchen Cleaning Supplies 

We offer professional cleaning supplies that allow your business to run smoothly. We focus on preventing the most common problems in commercial kitchens such as clogged drains or improper storage of food wastes. We believe in offering our clients effective sanitizing solutions that destroy germs without irritating the skin. 

Discover Your Trusted Supplier of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Solutions!

Earth Bio Technologies provides efficient and cost-effective maintenance of commercial food facilities through the use of innovative and eco-friendly professional cleaning supplies. We offer our clients a full range of biological treatments, sanitizing & disinfecting solutions, scrap waste solutions, and preventive safeguards. 

We are based in Philadelphia, PA, and serve the entire extended area. Call us: 888-855-1925! 

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Earth Bio Technologies offers maintenance services to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease interceptors, fryer waste oil removal, and plumbing repair services.