Sustainable Facility Solutions

For over two decades, Earth Bio Technologies has successfully addressed facility maintenance challenges for commercial food service operators with innovative, ecological and sustainable solutions. Our early focus on grease trap & drain system management has grown to include lift station bio-remediation, surface sanitizing solutions, airborne disinfection systems, food waste digester technologies and proprietary drain system safeguards.

We solve operational challenges with industry knowledge, product innovation, proprietary design and genuine service.

BioStatic Suface Protectant

BioShield - A Timely Technology for Today

BioShield is the long-lasting antimicrobial surface protectant that is right on time. This proprietary breakthrough technology is a spray-on, water based formula that creates a biostatic bond to inhibit surface growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and virus. EPA certified for food & non-food contact surfaces, BioShield is ideal for high traffic touch points, knobs, handles, railings, counters, fixtures, equipment, elevators and other critical surfaces. Now...there's a way for multi-day surface protection that is non-toxic, safe for people and the working environment.

Proprietary Products with Purpose

EBtech Innovation

A listing of our trademark brands, formulas & engineered solutions

Sanitizing, Cleaning & Deodorizing

Introducing EnozoPRO.

EnozoPRO transforms ordinary tap water into Aqueous Ozone, a powerful oxidizing sanitizer that cleans and deodorizes too. The organic ozone technology kills up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, virus, mold and fungi. Leaving no toxic or chemical residue, EnozoPRO is both food surface safe AND food contact safe. Finally... a green cleaner that truly lives up to the name.

Best Biological Drain Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance Services

EBtech is the best drain specialist using the best biological drain cleaners, solids interceptors and grease trap services. We have complete drain cleaning, grease trap interceptor and best practices for total grease trap systems management. Our 5-step system CLOG fighter program starts with drain solids prevention, solids interceptors or separators, biological drain cleaners, grease trap or grease trap interceptors using bio aerations systems and grease trap system capacity monitoring. This best practices approach to drain system management prevents problems before they occur. The proactive drain program can eliminate drain cleaning emergency service, reduce grease trap cleaning service, lower maintenance expense overall and help meet local municipal codes for grease trap systems.

The biological drain cleaners help to have cleaner waste water throughout the drain & grease trap system resulting in lower FOG…fats, oils and grease, BOD level and lower suspended solids. It is especially improved with the use of a solids interceptor like ScrapTrapper. This best new design for solids interceptors greatly reduces loading in grease trap systems and can reduce the need for grease trap service & lengthen the time in between grease trap cleaning or pumping.


The biological drain cleaners along with the solids interceptors and drain solids preventers like ScrapBlockers, another EBtech brand, combine for the best program for total grease trap system flow and reduced grease trap interceptor cleaning. The biggest and best way to reduce drain system maintenance expense and limit the need for drain cleaning, emergency or scheduled, or frequent hydro jet drain cleaning needs is with food scrap solids interceptors that prevent food solids from entering the drain or grease trap system. It cannot be stressed enough to avoid emergency drain cleaning, that preventive drain management with biological drain cleaners is the best way to go. Call EBtech for all your biological drain cleaners, commercial drain cleaning, restaurant grease trap service, grease trap interceptors and solids interceptors supply.