Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Restaurant Drain Grease Traps

Our services, at Earth Bio Technologies, include all the various ways to physically clean drain lines and to perform grease trap cleaning. For the drain lines cleaning, Earth Bio Technologies services include hydro jetting as the best way to fully clean drain lines and to completely remove all organic build up in a restaurant drain system. Another service method is to cable snake or auger the drain line. This service is usually the best way to unclog solid debris that is blocking the drain line. Many restaurants that do not regularly have grease trap cleaning as part of their maintenance services will experience drains and grease traps that are backed up and cause emergency drain service.

Residual Grease

Biological Methods

All commercial food service kitchens, like in a restaurant, create residual grease that flow through the drain system and collects in a grease trap. Earth Bio Technologies is a specialist in biological methods for drain cleaning but also has the best tools to prevent drain backups do to solids.

Drain Prevention Services & Solutions

The ScrapBlocker drain prevention solutions literally block solids & debris before it can enter the drain. This reduces not only drain cleaning for clogs but also helps to extend grease trap cleaning as a result of less build up in the grease trap. This saves restaurants expensive services, reduces environmental impact and improves water quality from the facility. Additionally, the restaurant can save on fines from the municipality for water quality and grease trap cleaning inspection. It is possible for a restaurant operator to save thousands by better drain & grease trap management practices.

Prevention is the best way to solve emergency drain issues before they can occur. Biological grease trap & drain cleaners play a big part in best management practices for restaurants and commercial food service in general. The restaurant industry is a big target for municipal pretreatment coordinators as a means to meet their budget and recoup cost for antiquated waste water treatment facilities. Earth Bio Technologies works for the restaurant client to help them meet or be below the limits set for grease trap effluent testing. It is the systematic approach to drain & grease trap management that gets the best results and prevents emergency services as an added benefit.

Chemical grease trap cleaners on the market do not match up to the holistic approach by Earth Bio Technologies. We help our restaurant clients manage the back of the house issues like drain systems & grease traps with environmentally safe products that reduce expenses & improve operations. Our commercial drain cleaning service is top tier in our industry contact us today!

Drain System Specialists

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Earth Bio Technologies provides preventive maintenance solutions to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease traps/interceptors, lift stations, and food waste bio-digesters.