Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Choose Professional Grease Trap Cleaning in Philadelphia!

Are you looking for cleaning services that focus on prevention rather than emergency intervention? Then we are here to help your food service business run smoothly and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation required for your industry. Our grease trap cleaning specialists are ready to inspect and professionally clean your sinks before you even notice any sign of clogging.
We know how busy restaurant and catering service kitchens are. Your employees are constantly roasting, baking, and frying delicious dishes for your clients. And then they have to wash greasy pans and pots quickly because they are needed for another batch of food. With regular grease trap cleaning services, this work cycle will continue uninterrupted by clogged sinks.

Residual Grease

Biological Methods

All commercial food service kitchens, like in a restaurant, create residual grease that flow through the drain system and collects in a grease trap. Earth Bio Technologies is a specialist in biological methods for drain cleaning but also has the best tools to prevent drain backups do to solids.

Reasons Why We Recommend Preventive Grease Trap Cleaning Services

We know the unpleasant signs of a clogged grease trap:

  • The sink drains slowly and has frequent backups
  • There is a foul smell in the kitchen
  • After each backup the affected area needs emergency sanitizing to be safe for use.

We want to help your business avoid all these situations. This is why we recommend choosing professional grease trap cleaning on a regular basis. Just like the doctor says, prevention is always better than cure!

Other Benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning

Do you know that clogged grease traps can leak fats and oils into the effluent water and pollute the water network in your area? We believe that preventive cleanliness goes hand in hand with environmental protection. This is why we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions in our grease trap cleaning services.

Choose Green Technologies for Grease Trap Cleaning!

Earth Bio Technologies stands for uncompromising cleanliness and an environmentally-friendly approach to commercial kitchen sanitizing. We constantly research and develop innovative solutions for the food service industry and offer our clients advanced grease trap cleaning services in the Philadelphia, PA area. Call us at 888-855-1925!

Drain System Specialists

Our Clients

Earth Bio Technologies provides preventive maintenance solutions to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease traps/interceptors, lift stations, and food waste bio-digesters.