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Hire Professionals to Clean Your Lift Station in Philadelphia!

When it comes to professional maintenance services for the food industry, we believe that preventive care is the right choice for any business. Your kitchen needs to be fully operational so that you can serve all your clients promptly. But what if your lift station gets clogged? Instead of preparing and serving food, your employees must start cleaning the overflow and call emergency sewer pump station repair services.
Our approach is to offer you professional services and efficient and eco-friendly cleaning products that keep your lift station working properly. We focus on solutions that help commercial kitchens maintain the required standards of cleanliness and food safety. We are fully prepared to inspect, clean, and maintain the sewer pump station installed in your facility on a regular basis or whenever you call us.

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All commercial food service kitchens, like in a restaurant, create residual grease that flow through the drain system and collects in a grease trap. Earth Bio Technologies is a specialist in biological methods for drain cleaning but also has the best tools to prevent drain backups do to solids.

Reasons Why a Lift Station May Get Clogged

A sewer pump station consists of an underground pit, a pump, and valves. Its role is to pump wastewater to an elevated level. It only starts working when the level of the wastewater in the pit reaches a certain level. It is a convenient choice compared to installing pumps that continuously discharge wastewater into the sewage system.
Therefore, a lift station is frequently surrounded by oily water, grease, and other debris washed down the sink drain while your employees wash dishes. In time, the grease clings to various parts of the pump and it stops working. This is why you need to hire preventive maintenance and cleaning services for your lift station.

Choose Professional Maintenance for Your Sewer Pump Station Using Green Technologies

Earth Bio Technologies is a company that focuses on using eco-friendly technologies to provide food service companies with professional preventive care services and products. We offer lift station pretreatment and other maintenance services to all commercial clients in the Philadelphia, PA area, so call us now: 888-855-1925

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Earth Bio Technologies provides preventive maintenance solutions to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease traps/interceptors, lift stations, and food waste bio-digesters.