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Every food service company manager is looking for effective and economical cleaning services and products for their kitchen. We believe that we can take things even further. Our kitchen sanitizing solutions are cost-effective, professional, and environmentally friendly.
We are taking restaurant sanitizing very seriously. We know that the very existence of your business depends on maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness. We also know that you are always looking for ways to save money without compromising on quality. Using innovative technologies, we developed a complete range of kitchen sanitizing and disinfecting products that meet your requirements.

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What Is the Difference Between Cleaning and Sanitizing?

When you look at our product catalog, you will discover the sanitizing solution for restaurants and the kitchen sanitizing solution. And you wonder: how do they differ from the cleaning products you are using now?
When you use cleaning products, you are removing dirt that is visible to the eye. However, germs that are invisible to the naked eye may still persist and get into the food your staff prepares. Sanitizing products destroy 99.999% of the bacteria in a very short period – around half a minute.

Reasons to Choose Our Restaurant Sanitizing Products

Sanitizing is the keyword for any business. Consumers want to be assured that they are safe when they eat in your restaurant and order food from you. In this context, using professional kitchen sanitizing products that really work is essential for running a compliant food service business.

At the same time, you are trying to curb your expenses. By choosing our sanitizing and disinfecting services, you are saving money without lowering the standards for a critical part of running your business. On top of that, you are also reducing your contribution to pollution, since our products are environmentally friendly.

Trust Our Professional Kitchen Sanitizing Products!

Earth Bio Technologies specializes in developing sustainable, efficient, and economical disinfecting and sanitizing solutions for the food service industry. We know the safety and cleanliness standards required in a commercial kitchen, so we provide only high-quality restaurant sanitizing products.

Our products and services are available in the entire Philadelphia, PA area, so call us now: 888-855-1925!

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Earth Bio Technologies provides preventive maintenance solutions to the commercial food industry for drain line systems, grease traps/interceptors, lift stations, and food waste bio-digesters.