ScrapDrain – Sink Solids Separator

ScrapDrainSink Solids Separator

ScrapDrain is the sustainable safeguard for the modern kitchen sink. It captures food scrap before it enters the drain line with greater capacity & finer collection. It keeps drains and septic systems clear from solids while helping to promote landfill diversion using compost options. Diverting organics from landfill, reduces greenhouse gas emissions. ScrapDrain can start a small shift that delivers major change when multiplied. ScrapDrain…a better way for today.

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ScrapDrain is the sustainable safeguard for every kitchen sink. It captures food scrap before it enters the drain system with greater capacity & easier collection to promote daily landfill diversion. Wash dishes as normal while ScrapDrain strains away the liquid, seamlessly separates solids, and presents a tidy transfer for organics pickup, drop-off program or local composting.

The easy-to-install ScrapDrain delivers 8x more capacity than the average sink strainer.

ScrapDrain is compact for all RESIDENTIAL applications. It is an ideal kitchen component in homes with municipalities that do not allow garbage disposals as well as communities with curbside organics programs for compost recycling. ScrapDrain creates the easy collection point from plate to compost bin. Hooking up directly beneath your kitchen sink, the food waste rinses into ScrapDrain where it is collected and strained. In a single motion, the stainless collection basket allows for simple transfer to the collection bin. ScrapDrain saves time, energy, and improves the organics recycling process.

In COMMERCIAL food service kitchens, ScrapDrain prevents food solids from clogging the drain line and building up in the grease trap. As a result, the grease trap works more efficiently and the drain lines stays clear and flowing. With reduced solids, grease trap cleaning frequency may be extended for savings (check local ordinance). The net result is cleaner wastewater that is better for the environment and can be better for the bottom line too.

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