ScrapCatcher – BAR SINK Solids Strainer & Catcher

ScrapCatcher – Simple Solids Strainer for BAR Sinks

High Flow Design for Fine Solids Capture

ScrapCatcher BAR fits into most standard bar sinks for solids capture, collection & easy emptying to a bin. It creates a high flow guard to prevent small solids & other debris from entering the drain line which cause clogs and slow drains. It even helps reduce drain line odors and flies. ScrapCatcher saves by preventing drain back ups, reducing grease trap maintenance and helps to have cleaner effluent water overall.

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ScrapCatcher is a simple but handy solids strainer to keep your BAR drains flowing. ScrapCatcher is lightweight, portable and drops into the small bar sinks to capture beverage garnish, straws and any other solids debris.

ScrapCatcher can prevent drain line backups, reduce emergency calls and keep the grease trap from overloading which saves time, money, and staff disruption. And, ScrapCatcher is as easy as 1-2-3 and begins blocking solids immediately. The black polycarbonate makes it durable & shatter proof for bar applications but easy to lift up & out when full of solids. The fine mesh, high flow DOME allows ScrapCatcher to capture small debris but also allows for quick draining action. ScrapCatcher is Ideal for high volume BARs to keep clogging debris out of the drain lines and facilities free flowing.

ScrapCatcher BAR comes in one size, 12-3/4″L x 10-1/4″W x 6″H, that drops standard BAR sinks. It comes in BLACK and is sold each.

Keep your BAR lines flowing with ScrapCatcher