Sustainable Facility Solutions & Technologies

The categories below show advancements & innovations for the commercial food service industry. From biological preventive maintenance to onsite food waste bio-digesters, Earth Bio Technologies is pioneering new ways for improved facility management.

Drain System Safeguards

Scrap Blocker Green Guard Series

The new GreenGuard Series of ScrapBlockers prevent solids from entering the drain lines for cleaner waste water and fewer system problems. Designed to install easily, prevent solids and then stay in place with tamper-resistant & locking features; ScrapBlockers are economically priced to “button up” the entire kitchen at every drain. ONE open DRAIN is too many. Keep your kitchen flowing with ScrapBlocker.

Grease Trap Odor Control

TrapBALL Odor Control & pH Neutralizer

TrapBALL is a new way to dramatically reduce grease trap odors using an eco-friendly process without any harsh chemicals. The use of TrapBALL in low pH or more acidic conditions, neutralizes the waste water and raises pH upward towards normal. As a result, sulfide gases stay in suspension, eliminating the source of the foul odors AND their corrosive effects. Stop the STINK in your grease trap. Try TrapBALL, today. It makes better scents.

Lift Station Bio Aeration Systems

Lift Station Biological Maintenance Systems

Earth Bio Technologies has a line of simple aeration systems to biologically breakdown organic wastes in a lift station or sump collection pit. Applying micro-bubble diffused aeration with an auto-dosed LiFTstation biological formula, the BioBubbler system delivers a turn key package. Ideal for urban building lift stations in sub-floor locations, turn to EBtech for a biological remediation solution that reduces clean out expense & eliminates odors.

Food Waste Bio Digesters

Onsite Food Waste Digester

Food waste is a global challenge. In the US, over 70 billion pounds of food waste is generated annually going mostly to landfill as the largest single waste stream by weight. Now…there is a better way to handle food waste that diverts from landfill and collects valuable waste data in the process. Presenting the Onsite Food Waste Bio-Digester from BioHitech. Made in the USA, time-tested over 10 years and ready to change the game in food waste handling. Is it time for a true game changer in waste handling at your facility?

A New Way

ScrapTrapper... The Missing Link from the Sink.

ScrapTrapper is a new way to solve an old problem... SOLIDS clogging in the drain line. By simple design, ScrapTrapper prevents solids from entering the drain in the first place. Installed beneath the pre-rinse or triple sink, ScrapTrapper easily separates and collects the biggest contributor to drain pain - grease laden, wet food waste. ScrapTrapper is affordably priced, easy to install, and reduces drain & grease trap maintenance expenses ongoing. ScrapTrapper upholds the old saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".