SANOpak is a simpler way to sanitize with less environmental impact in every way. New from EarthBio Technologies, SANOpak is really 2-stories in one.

First, it is a hygiene dilution & dispensing system with an 80% lower carbon footprint than standard packaging (plastic bottles). It holds up to 4-liters (1.05 gallons) and can refill multiple spraying devices, multiple times. It ships without water making a case of (8) with box, just over 2-lbs., reducing shipping impact by 96%. It creates similar benefits when storing as a small footprint with a large sanitizing range.

The other story is what SANOpak delivers when just adding standard tap water. The effervescent tablets are water-activated and create the amazingly versatile solution – HOCl. Widely known as nature’s germ fighter, HOCl is the same compound the human body produces to fight bacteria, virus and inflammation. HOCl is a powerful member of the chlorine family but without the caustic side and “bleaching” effect of standard bleach. And, it is 80 to 100 times fast acting than bleach with its neutral molecular charge.

In summary, SANOpak is a simple hygiene system that delivers a full range of surface protection as a bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. The pak makes dilution an error-free process and then doubles as a speedy dispenser with a universal spout to fill a full range of spraying devices. It is an on-the-go, take anywhere safe sanitizing SOLUTION.

Rethink surface sanitizing with SANOpak. It checks all the boxes for a better way to protect people with less effect on the environment.