Long-time wrestling coach, Anthony Stagliano, set out to keep his team safe from the COVID-19 virus but also to protect against common skin issues inherent to the sport. Coach Stagliano has seen it all in his 40 years of coaching and 50+ years on the mats. He is a committed competitor and lifer in wrestling. This season, he wanted to establish a new protocol for sanitizing his facility comprehensively but also in an environmentally safer way than the chemicals and methods he used in the past.

Coach Stagliano partnered with EarthBio Technologies to create a sanitizing program that centered on the SANOpak “just add water” system and the new SANOspray & SANOfast dispensing solutions. As mentioned in the video below, the veteran coach took full advantage of the ease of SANOpak to spray his entire wrestling room, equipment, scales, weights, wrestler’s shoes and gear with greater attention then ever before. He also applied the HOCl solution during meets with other teams to safeguard every step of the process. And, due to the safe nature of the water-based mixture, he did not need to worry about over spray like he used to with the previous harsher chemicals.

In all, coach Stagliano got fantastic results and was able to achieve his intended goal of ZERO positive COVID-19 cases for his team. In addition, and most surprising to him, was a first in his coaching career to not have any wrestling-related skin issues the entire season. Specifically, there were no cases of Ringworm which is common around wrestling and no serious viral infections like Herpes Simplex or bacterial infections like Impetigo… which is highly contagious. According to coach Stagliano, the SANOpak system truly exceeded his expectations and made his season a success for safety.

Hear the coach in his own words….

Successful Season with SANOpak at Wissahickon High School in Ambler, PA.