In commercial kitchens, FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease. It is ubiquitous in foodservice and creates a particular battleground in the drain system. FOG cools and creates blockages in drains which can disrupt service and even halt production. BioDoser is a new way to prevent the buildup of drain FOG that is biological, automatic, and simple to use.

(4) Benefits of BioDoser by EBtech

• Prevents drain line buildup of FOG with specific multi-strain biological treatment

• Automatically doses EB FOG bio-fluid to target grease and form microbial colony

• Improves environmental impact with cleaner wastewater from kitchen and trap

• Easy refill of bio-fluid box that does not require a service technician or expertise

Easy to install and fits most commercial kitchen applications with a slim wall mount or sturdy floor model dispensing system. BioDoser can even help meet local wastewater code and, in some cases, reduce fines. Don’t let money go down the drain.