ScrapTrapper is a new drain prevention device from EBtech. It strains out solids before entering the drain to help avoid costly backups and reduce other services. ScrapTrapper captures food solids and filters wastewater from commercial kitchen sinks. The simple process is better for the environment and better for the operator’s bottom line.

(4) Benefits of ScrapTrapper

– Eliminates drain line backups from solids and reduces plumbing expense

– Limits solids to the grease trap and may allow for extending service needs

– Improves environmental impact with cleaner wastewater from kitchen

– Replaces garbage disposals and reduces water consumption and energy use

Easy to install and fits most commercial kitchen applications. ScrapTrapper can even help meet local wastewater code and, in some cases, reduce fines. Don’t let money go down the drain; prevent costly plumbing problems with ScrapTrapper.

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